Observation Deck height: 178m
NET area: 643 m²
Construction area: 950 m²

Bitexco Financial Tower at a height of 262 meters is the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City up to date. With design concept is taken from the shape of a lotus bud, the Vietnam national flower, Bitexco Financial Tower is not merely a building which is covered in glass and steel, but also a symbol of beauty and the rapid development of Ho Chi Minh City economy, a key economic region in Vietnam. Bitexco Financial Tower is a typical example for creativity and unique design.

One of the tower highlights is the first observation deck in the city at 49th floors. Saigon Skydeck has opened for all visitors from January 1, 2011. With a full range of services and facilities for visitors, the Skydeck has officially opened to welcome visitors both domestic and international visitors since July, 2011. Visitors have the opportunity to visit Saigon Skydeck, not only enjoy the full sight of the Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon River, but also have the chance to use the facilities and services at this Skydeck, Saigon Skydeck will be an attractive destination in the journey of Ho Chi Minh City’s for both domestic and international tourists.

Visiting Saigon Skydeck, you can not only enjoy the sight – seeing of the whole city from above with the feeling of excitement and fresh, but also can feel comfortable, pleasant with professional customer service staff at Skydeck as well as enjoy the complimentary services and utilities provided

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