Located on the Southern side of the tower, the helipad echoes the form of the main building with a shape resembling a blossoming lotus bud. Suspended 191 metres above the city, the helipad has a total length of 40 metres, of which 18 metres extends into and 22 metres extends out from the structure.
High quality materials for the heli-pad were sourced from South Korea and Europe. Fabrication was carried out in BuGang, South Korea.
The helipad’s cantilever was a challenge to install. The massive structure was constructed from more than 250 tons of structural steel and 4,000 ultra-strong bolts. Further, its steel and concrete materials needed to expand and contract, thus the central structures had to be specially designed to accommodate and balance these loads and forces. For its installation, it had to be preassembled at a local factory before it could be hoisted up in parts to the 52th floor. Due to its complex design, its construction took almost a year, while its installation alone took two months.

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