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Skydeck Skydeck was honored as Top Ten Attractions” and “Top Tourism Brand in HCMC for 5 consecutive years (2014 – 2018)” in HCMC Tourism Awards 2018. This is an annual event hosted by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism in association with the City Tourism Association with the aim to honor the leading organizations in tourism industry such as: tour operators, restaurants, hotels and their significant contribution.

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The official award ceremony was held on the evening of April 13 at 23/9 Park (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) under the framework of HCMC Tourism Festival 2019 with the participation of 100 tourism enterprises include: 10 inbound travel enterprises; 10 outbound travel businesses; 10 domestic travel enterprises; 10 small and medium-sized travel businesses doing business effectively; 10 units have products, types of internal start-up tourism; Top 10 brands of city travel; Top 10 attractions and entertainment attractions in the city; 10 service standards for tourists; 20 hotels, restaurants from 3 to 5 stars in the city.

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Located on the 49th floor – Bitexco Financial Tower, one of the world’s top 20 most iconic skyscrapers with unique lotus-shaped architecture, Saigon Skydeck is the first observation tower in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a great place to enjoy full sight of Ho Chi Minh city with 360-degree view from a height of 178m, learn more about famous places through modern interactive screens or take a close look at the city by binoculars. Located in the center of Saigon Skydeck, Ao Dai Museum is a special area displaying and introducing a variety of beautiful Ao Dai over time. It helps to preserve and promote the Vietnamese cultural heritage to visitors. In addition, there is a souvenir shop where visitors can buy a lot of products which were oriented to the traditional values of Vietnamese people as well as have a unique design marked by its own building symbol.

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