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Xiao Ban Cafe was started in 2013, as a café-concept brand extension to our highly popular local brand, Lao Ban Soya Beancurd. In addition to offering the famous chilled beancurd known and loved by Singaporeans, Xiao Ban (which literally means “Small Buddy”) also introduced a series of new exciting and innovative soya bean related products, which are fast gaining popularity among the younger generation. With years of experience in the business of producing fresh and delectable product offerings with rich nutritional value, Xiaoban is set to win the hearts of consumers.

“Delighting your palates” is our team’s mantra, and we work on this daily to bring you new tastes and ways of enjoying soya bean. We believe that everyone deserves happiness and that our food delivers those emotions through simple moments of pleasure. Through our relationships with our customers, staff and the community, we hope to inspire and show that traditional food with a modern twist has a place in our lives today.Xiaoban now reconnects the younger generation through a new and innovative soya food and beverage experience.

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